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Whilst the core business of Liverpool Process Servers, is in the field of Process Serving, our roots stem from being investigators, all of our team being former CID personnel. alt Consequently we offer an investigative service, which is second to none. With our qualifications we can only be described as leading investigators. Our Chief Executive is a former Fraud Squad head and our staff who have similar experience or have been Crime Squad members have dealt with many major fraud enquiries or been involved in major enquiries.

The team at Process Servers Liverpool have experience encompassing all forms of investigations. Clients are advised to request all investigation organisations precisely how and where they acquired their experience, as many have had insufficient or indeed no training; or their training is through a correspondence course.

We carry out your investigations into:

Director and company officer positions held
director risk assessment
employee activities within companies
employee absenteeism
staff pilferage and stock shrinkage
company creditworthiness
employee reference verification
industrial espionage
unethical competitor activities
internal and external company fraud

Family background circumstances
childcare suitability
personal circumstances and asset determination
property and business ownership

Traffic accident investigations
photographic and accident locus reports
fraudulent accident claims
witness interviewing and statement taking

Industrial injury enquiries
factory and place of work safety assessment
enquiries as to safety measures adherence in the workplace
chemical and dangerous substance contamination.

The list is endless in relation to the enquiries we have conducted and we are here to assist your firm and your client.

Status and Pre Sue Reports

It is of considerable importance that before embarking on a Court action to either recover a debt or entering into any form of litigation that clients establish that the person against whom proceedings are to be commenced has sufficient financial resources or assets, firstly to recover a debt, pay an award of compensation and equally importantly pay the costs of the action.

Our investigations in this area cover verification of employment, determination of lifestyle, tracing or confirmation of residence and property ownership, County Court Judgement and Bankruptcy searches, and company directorships or business partnerships.

All of these aspects of a potential litigants background will provide clients with sufficient information on which to base a decision to take a matter before the Court.

Many tracing tasks are similar, although some individuals take greater pains to conceal their whereabouts when sought by creditors or indeed the Courts, but our fees nevertheless remain constant.

For a quotation and to have a tracing enquiry instituted we would invite you to request a quote from us, via email from:

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