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Tracing People, Debtors and Litigants

It is of primary importance and an essential requirement of commencing a Court action, to determine the whereabouts or place of residence of the person against whom Court proceedings are about to be instituted – in other word to trace the individual.

As Process servers Liverpool carry out both the functions of alttracing individuals and then subsequently effecting service of Court documents upon them, it is essential that our tracing procedures are carried out successfully, as our subsequent endeavours to serve persons with documents would in effect be a wasted effort.

Consequently we have a 90% success rate in tracing litigants and thus we are considered to be a market leader in tracing services. We have access to all of the accepted and lawful tracing databases, but we have the added experience of knowing precisely where to look to secure the required information. However, databases frequently only provide indicators and sometimes information can be outdated and an individual may have moved on. It is then that our dedication and ability in tracing in the field comes into play.

Tracing specialists at Process Servers Liverpool, have been trained when visiting addresses to secure all of the available information that the person interviewed may possess, but not realise is significant. It is the attention to small detail which frequently is the route to success.

Combined with tracing we frequently carry out 'Pre Sue' analysis and status assessment, thus providing our clients with information as to the potential success of subsequently commencing an action. If a person has no assets and little or no income, a client may feel that the commencement of proceedings against that person would only result in an additional loss and that they should cut that loss. Consequently a 'Pre Sue' enquiry is a barometer as to whether or not an action should be instituted.

Other Types of Tracing

Family Tracing:

In addition to the tracing of litigants, we are frequently commissioned to trace family relatives. Parents who, for one reason or another have lost contact with their child, or alternatively children whose parents have separated and one or other parent had not been heard of for some years.

Beneficiary Tracing:

It is quite common for administrators of wills to have difficulty in locating the beneficiaries of an estate and they quite naturally turn to us in order to locate the beneficiaries, thus allowing the administrator, whether he be a relative or solicitor, to settle and resolve the estate of the deceased person.

Other Tracing:

There can be many other reasons to locate an individual and we will carry out this type of enquiry provided it is ethical to do so. Our enquiries are carried out in accordance with the Data Protection Act, and we are registered as Data Controllers with the Information Commissioner.

In the majority of instances we will provide a precise 'Fixed Fee' quotation.

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